HR Management Diploma Level 2 - Accredited

Nationwide - Home Study
Training Course to become a HR employee
09 Jan 2017
06 Feb 2017
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Our HR Management Diploma has been given the IVCAS accreditation and is the perfect course for anyone looking to work in the HR sector.

Our HR course follows on from our Reed courses best selling Admin/PA diploma, like our best selling Admin course our HR diploma is packed in to 20 modules teaching you everything you need to succeed in this profession.

The course can be studied part time and you can become accredited in as little as 15 hours and you can study at your own pace.

The comprehensive syllabus is supported by experienced tutors who are there to help you through email.

Your qualification will be recognised and can be checked for validity on our dedicated website.

More Key features about our HR Diploma

  • Lifetime Access to your course
  • The price you pay is for the whole course including final exam – no hidden fees
  • IVCAS certificate upon successful completion
  • Tutor Support Monday – Friday

Full breakdown of our course can be seen below



Module 1

Introduction to Human Resources

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • What is human resources?
  • What is the purpose of human resources?
  • HR outsourcing vs in-house management
  • Advantages and disadvantages of HR departments
  • Plus much more...

Module 2

Practicing Human Resources

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Practicing human resources
  • HR good practices
  • Good practice indicators
  • Human resource management
  • Plus much more...

Module 3

The Interview

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Legal responsibilities of an interviewer
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Setting up an interviewee database
  • Questioning techniques
  • Plus much more...

Module 4

New Employees

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Preparing for a new employee
  • New employee induction
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Plus much more...

Module 5

Contracts, Documents, and Procedures

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Contract of employment guidelines
  • Example contract
  • Personnel records
  • Disciplinary action and grievance procedures
  • Plus much more...

Module 6

Human Capital Management

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • What is human capital management?
  • Understanding human capital management
  • Identifying what human capital management involves
  • Important duties
  • Plus much more...

Module 7

HR Skills

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Management skills.
  • Personal traits.
  • Areas to work on.
  • Key skill areas.
  • Plus much more...

Module 8

HR Toolkit

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • HR toolkit purpose.
  • What the toolkit provides.
  • What to include in the toolkit.
  • Benefits of a HR toolkit.
  • Plus much more...

Module 9

Corporate Social Responsibility

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • What corporate social responsibility means and how it impacts human resources.
  • Implementing green practices.
  • Key areas.
  • Strategy development.
  • Plus much more...

Module 10

Organisational Behaviour

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • What is organisational behaviour?
  • Organisational behaviour and management
  • Approaches to organisational behaviour
  • Organisational behaviour model
  • Plus much more...

Module 11

Managing Relationships

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Relationship management
  • Expectations
  • Interaction styles
  • Team dynamics
  • Plus much more...

Module 12

Motivation and Commitment

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Understanding motivation and commitment in companies
  • Retention
  • Cost of employee turnover
  • Why employees become demotivated
  • Plus much more...

Module 13

Performance Management, Evaluations and Feedback

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • History of performance management
  • Outcomes
  • Research
  • Guiding principles
  • Plus much more...

Module 14

Training and Development

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Topics for employee training
  • Benefits
  • Career and management development
  • Effective employee training programmes
  • Plus much more...

Module 15

Legal Considerations

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Definitions
  • Contract of employment
  • Types of contracts
  • Discrimination
  • Plus much more...

Module 16

Career Development / Opportunities

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Positions within the human resources industry
  • Career development opportunities
  • Understanding career development within a company
  • Career development plan
  • Plus much more...

Module 17


Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Impact of technology on HR
  • Technology trends
  • Benefits of technology in HR
  • Technology and the evolution of HR
  • Plus much more...

Module 18

Benefits / Compensation / Leave / Overtime / Insurance

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Leave
  • Overtime
  • Plus much more...

Module 19

Strategic Planning / Mission Statements / Optimal Staffing

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Strategic planning
  • Mission statements
  • Mission statement examples
  • Optimal staffing
  • Plus much more...

Module 20

Dealing with Workplace Violence / Bullying / Conflict Resolution

Summary / What you Will Learn:

  • Understanding work place violence
  • Preventing and addressing bullying
  • Resolving conflict
  • Plus much more...