Head Teacher Linkwood Primary School

Linkwood Primary School
14 Sep 2016
23 Sep 2016
Contract Type
Full Time

The duties of the Head Teacher are:

  1. To lead and manage learning and teaching:

  2. ensure that the school operates in accordance with the general principles outlined in national and local authority guidance

  3. develop a culture of respect and good behaviour, creating an appropriate ethos and setting high expectations for all within the school community

  4. support and encourage good practice in learning and teaching, building a culture of excellence

  5. monitor and evaluate the quality of learning and teaching

  6. model good practice in all interactions with pupils, including through direct engagement in pupils’ learning experiences

  7. provide pastoral care for all pupils embracing the principles of inclusion and cultural diversity

  8. To lead and develop staff, children and young people

    • apply knowledge and understanding of leadership concepts and practice, and of strategic and operational management

    • demonstrate a clear commitment to collegiality; developing, empowering and supporting effective teams and individuals encouraging leadership at all levels

    • review CPD needs, career development and performance of all staff through the Professional Review and Development (PRD) and Employee Review and Development Programme (ERDP) systems, including all appropriate performance and competence processes

    • recruit and select staff working within the structure of employment legislation, national and local agreements and policies governing employment

    • promote and ensure equality and fairness in school life, complying with all relevant legislation

    • demonstrate commitment to the intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral, social and cultural wellbeing of children and young people

    • apply appropriate management of staff through relevant policies and procedures.

  9. To lead change and improvement:

    • apply knowledge and critical understanding of contemporary developments in education policy at local and national level

    • create a strategic shared vision and aims for the school, which inspire and motivate children, staff and all members of the school community

    • build and maintain professional high quality practice throughout the school promoting continuousimprovement in the quality of pupil experience

    • apply knowledge and understanding of contemporary developments in society, in the environment and in the wider global community

    • use whole school quality assurance strategies to evidence the need for and effectiveness of change

    • demonstrate personal commitment to continuous improvement through rigorous self evaluation and improvement planning

    • encourage creativity and flexibility in the change process, enabling staff totake responsibility for whole school improvement

    • work in partnershipwith other services and agencies involved with children, young people and their families to effect improvement in learning.

  10. Use resources effectively:

    • make best strategic and operational use of available resources

    • consult appropriately with staff on economic, efficient and effective use of all relevant budgets

    • integrate the budget plan with school improvement and staff development plans

    • take full responsibility as budget holder for financial and resource management, ensuring that financial regulations are adhered to

    • monitor and evaluate the use of the full range of resources, including staff, to support implementation of school policies

    • create an effective learning environment through appropriate staff deployment and delegation of tasks to members of the management team and other staff

  11. Building community:

    • develop and maintain positive partnerships with parents, children and young people, other services and agencies to embrace the agenda of lifelong learning

    • create and improve effective working relationships with all those involved with the school and community, working proactively to resolve any issues arising

    • maximise joint working with local community groups, building on the principle of interdependence of school and community

    • create a culture of respect and inclusion and a common commitment to the broader community

    • ensure that high quality liaison and consultation take place within effective structures, to the benefit of all relevant stakeholders

    • contribute to the wider corporate management of The Moray Council.