Active Travel Officer

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North Ayrshire Council
06 Sep 2016
03 Oct 2016
Contract Type
Full Time

Role Profile


To assist in the delivery of the Council’s duties in terms of active travel (incorporating outdoor access, public transport and green infrastructure) and contribute to the work programme of the Active Travel & Transport Team within the Economic Growth Service.    


Corporate Responsibilities

  • To manage/deliver the Service in accordance with the Council’s corporate policies and procedures and relevant strategy provision.
  • To manage/deliver the service outcomes, in the most efficient and effective way, that delivers the Council’s Strategic Priorities within the Council Plan and contributes to the production of Directorate Plans.
  • To manage and monitor Capital and Revenue budgets as assigned and contribute to budget development.
  • To lead, or contribute to, the preparation of cross-service business development plans, as required.
  • To ensure the effective management and leadership of employees, where appropriate.
  • To prepare and co-ordinate reports for the Council, its Committees or working parties and to attend these meetings as required.
  • To undertake any other reasonably required duties as instructed by Management or someone acting on their behalf, in addition to the role specific tasks & responsibilities detailed below.

Role Specific Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Assist the Active Travel and Transport Manager to develop and deliver active travel (incorporating outdoor access, public transport and green infrastructure) policy in accordance with the Council's strategic priorities 
  • Assist the Active Travel and Transport Manager in the identification, development and implementation of active travel projects in accordance with the Council’s strategic priorities.
  • Deliver and project manage a range of active travel projects including infrastructure, promotional and behaviour change projects. This will include undertaking public consultation, procuring services and contractors and project managing consultants and contractors.
  • Co-ordinate, maintain and provide information on active travel related issues to: communities; agencies; landowners and managers; and other stakeholders.
  • Prepare consultation responses and reports in relation to active travel including Committee Reports and responses to pre-application consultations and planning applications.
  • Contribute to the development of a co-ordinated and integrated approach to active travel policy and implementation with NAC Services, the community and partners.
  • Identify and secure sources of external funding opportunities in support of identified active travel projects.
  • Represent the Council's views on active travel matters to and to liaise as appropriate with: external agencies; communities; landowners and managers; and Elected Members.
  • Support and provide secretariat for the North Ayrshire Outdoor Access Forum.
  • Assist the Active Travel and Transport Manager in formulating corporate policy in the pursuit of active travel objectives.
  • Ensure compliance with all appropriate legislation, associated regulations, policy and procedures associated with active travel and project management.
  • Undertake appropriate personal and professional development.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement and development of the Active Travel and Transport team.






Education and Qualifications

  • Degree in Countryside Management/ relevant subject OR      
  • Extensive relevant work experience in a similar field      
  • Secondary Qualification in Countryside Management or relevant subject
  • Membership of an appropriate professional body  
  • Application Form
  • Interview


  • Experience and proven track record in project management and delivery 
  • Experience of securing grant funding  
  • Experience of active travel (incorporating outdoor access, public transport and green infrastructure) policy formulation
  • Experience and proven track record of delivering path construction projects
  • Experience and proven track record of delivering Scottish access legislation 
  • Experience of managing volunteers
  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview

Specialist Knowledge

  • Knowledge of Scottish access legislation and issues
  • Knowledge of Health and Safety e.g. Construction (Design and Management) Regulations   
  • Detailed knowledge of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003
  • Knowledge of path construction   
  • Application Form
  • Interview
  • Pre/Post-Interview Check (if appropriate)

Skills and Abilities

  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Negotiation skills.     


  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview


  • Ability to travel within North Ayrshire - driving licence required     


  • Application Form
  • Interview
  • Pre/Post-Interview Check (if appropriate)

Staff Values & Behaviours

North Ayrshire Council uses behavioural based approach throughout the recruitment process. Our staff values of Focus, Passion & Inspiration will be explored for this vacancy.

Further information on how to complete behaviour based application form questions is available on the Council’s website.





We put our customers first

We understand the bigger picture


  • Provide excellent customer services
  • Meet and where possible exceed the expectations of internal and external customers.
  • Understand the performance levels and standards required within our own role and strive to achieve and where possible exceed these.
  • Know how the work we do fits into the overall performance of the Council.


We take pride in the jobs we do

We are ambitious for our community

  • Take ownership of our own actions and performance.
  • Reflect on the work we do and consider how it could be improved.
  • Have a positive impact on the lives of our customers and their communities.
  • Push the boundaries to help our customers and communities realise their potential.


We all look for better ways to deliver our services

We achieve the best results together

  • Find new ways to deliver improvements, efficiencies and value for money.
  • Embrace change with enthusiasm and creative ideas.
  • Work together and creatively produce the best outcomes for our customers and communities.
  • Plan all activities with the end goal in mind.