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It feels like only yesterday that you gleefully switched on the ‘out of office’ and left your workplace with a cheery ‘Have a great Christmas!’ to your colleagues. But, sadly, the festive holidays seem to last about as long as the contents of that tin of Quality Street.

Before you know it, it’s back to work and the fun and festivities are over for another year.

Here, we share five ways to get yourself back into the old routine after the Christmas holidays.

Ease back in

Ease Back In

Hopefully you’ve planned ahead and finished off any outstanding projects BEFORE you finished up for the holidays. Now that you’re back, arrange any meetings or deadlines for the afternoon or even the following day to allow you to work through emails, sort out your diary and see to any other non-urgent tasks first and foremost.

The right attitude


Leave holiday mode behind when you step back into the office. There’s easing yourself back in gently and then there’s coming across like you simply can’t be bothered. Attitude is everything here. Tell yourself you’ve had a great break and now you’re ready to return to work refreshed and ready to go again in the New Year – and you will be.

Sleep right

Sleep Right

You’ve probably had a few late nights over the festive period and your body clock will be all over the place. Now is the time to get back into a proper sleep routine. Make sure you get enough Zs and you’ll soon feel up to tackling that pile of paperwork within a day or two of returning to the 9-5.

Get some exercise


Exercise releases endorphins which send ‘happy signals’ to the brain so get those muscles moving. Cycle into work instead of taking the car or get outside during your lunch break and go for a brisk walk. It’ll also help burn off those extra calories from those selection boxes!

Book a holiday


There’s a reason why the TV commercials and newspaper ads are dominated by travel companies at this time of year. Booking a holiday – or even a weekend away – gives us something to look forward to. And a little daydreaming about sparkling seas and white sandy beaches could be just the thing to chase away the post-Christmas blues.

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