Life After Redundancy in 5 Steps

There’s no doubt about it – redundancy comes as a shock. But it’s important to remember there is life after redundancy.

The best way to deal with the situation is to take it step by step, so we’ve come up with five ways to help you cope and move on.

Step 1

You will probably be experiencing a whole range of emotions, such as shock, anger, despair and worry. This is to be expected but it’s important to take a deep breath, take some time to understand what has happened to you and work through these emotions.

Step 2

Find out what support you are entitled to and make full use of it. Ask your local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on things like financial benefits you may be entitled to, debt management, and training and learning in your area.

Step 3

When finding yourself without a job, you may be tempted to jump straight back into the job hunt but it’s worth making the most of the time out to re-evaluate your career options. Retraining, a change of career or a career break may be the best option.

Step 4

Once you have an idea of the direction you want to take, do some research. Ask around and find out what opportunities are available. Set up email alerts for vacancies – such as Scotcareers job alerts. Start preparing for a return to job hunting by updating your CV and brushing up on your interview skills.

Step 5

Once your job hunt gets underway, it’s important to be proactive, stay positive and maintain momentum even when you feel disheartened. Don’t forget, it’s a process that takes time for everyone.

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